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Over thousands of years China has always been the country of the beautiful finger nail. In recent times though it must surely have been dozing. As China is embracing the Green Society and is making huge inroads into achieving cities that are all green, I always thought that it would be they that would produce the all pure natural make-up ‘tip-to-toe’ selection and export it to the rest of the world.

Women today are looking at their cosmetics with their ever growing list of ingredients, mostly of chemicals that only a scientist has heard of. And these same women are emptying their cosmetic bags and seeking natural minerals to apply to their skin. The most popular products are those with the least ingredients.

Amazingly, for those like me who are also going down this route there is now a nail varnish/nail polish that is in this same natural format. So now there is one more item that can be binned forever as green nail varnish must be the way forward ..

There are several brands on the market but I have only found one with just three ingredients it’s called ‘Scotch.’  I believe it is referred to as a water-based nail polish and contains only the following ingredients: “water, acrylic polymer emulsion, and non toxic colorants.”


Scotch nail polish 

There are several places that sell Scotch nail polish but I have only found one that has FREE WORLD WIDE DELIVERY and that is Naturismo:  http://www.naturisimo.com/

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unikorna said...

This particular color is my favorite for nail polish and lipstick as well :).