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Achieving tranquillity

Wherever a person may reside in the world, the one way to achieve everything of value in life, is to know tranquillity. True tranquillity comes from within. It is part of the soul.

The easiest way that an ordinary person can acquire tranquillity is to understand what makes them feel safe, contented and free. The best way I have found for this, which is surely the most valuable of jewels that a person can ever posses is to find a lovely little garden nook where I can sit and let the world go by. A place where you can hear a trickle of water, a wealth of bird song, scurry of little mammals, the hum and soft swirls of the insects, the sweet and gentle perfume of the flowers and herbs, the tickle of the breeze as it gently caresses your skin. A treasured small space of land where you are in a sense at one with everything. This is the place that heals your very core. It is what some call ‘The Holy Grail’ and it will serve you like the ‘fountain of youth.’

So, think what you most like. Which plants and flowers lift your spirit? What sculptures are enjoyable to look at? Treat yourself to the greatest diamond the Earth can produce a place where you can feel safe. A place to relax. A place to feel the love of life itself gently wrap around you. Find somewhere, either in your garden, back yard or not too far away for you to just enjoy breathing in and breathing out. We are after all living in Paradise!


Achieving Tranquillity Japanese Garden

Achieving Tranquillity River Garden

Achieving Tranquillity Sweet Garden

Achieving TranquillityWater Garden

Achieving Tranquillity Brook Garden

A few examples and aspects of gardens that ooze tranquillity above

The most essential and important thing to always remember is that your own ‘tranquillity garden or space’ must be a little bit of land that is what you find to be your own precious jewel and where you most feel at peace with the world.


Sharkbytes said...

I'd take most any of those!

Cascia Talbert said...

I wish I had a place like that! Your photos are beautiful. Have a great Monday!