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“Bananas in the morning catwalk dread;

bananas in the evening beautifies the head!”

I have always loved and eaten bananas all my life. A banana baby, a banana child and a banana woman. There is little that I do not know about this satisfying, sweet, vanilla, ambrosia berry.

Bananas emit so much radiation that they set off a Geiger Counter when approached. They are noted for the large quantity of potassium that are packed within their skins and are a useful tool for reducing blood pressure naturally. An asset for both constipation bound patients and also ones who may be temporarily suffering from diahorrea. Amongst other useful additions to the diet the banana berry contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12 or Folate, C, E, K, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Calcium .. and so the list goes on making it a very nutritious food. Bananas

Bananas – variety Cavendish, which is a sub-group produced from a wild variety from Asia called ‘musa acuminata’ and the seedless ‘triploid’ (from three sets). This means that the Cavendish variety of banana is always cloned from a parent plant as it always produces seedless fruits.

Bananas in a bunch

Banana bunch

The most amazing sight is to see an ape take the skin off a banana for it removes it from the bottom blunt end pulling down towards the stem. This most likely is the correct way to peel the fruit as it takes off the ‘inner string’ or the correct name for this ‘Phloem Bundles’ that run from bottom to top of the fruit. A bunch of bananas when pulled off the plant is called ‘a hand.’

It is often found that if a person is allergic to latex they often cannot eat bananas.

The best bananas I have ever eaten are those grown in The Windward Islands: St Lucia, Dominica and St Vincent – all of these bananas are sweet, creamy textured, a milky rice pudding satisfying type of banana.

Never eat bananas early in the day if you have an important meeting as they make the tummy bloat and grow by several inches. They are also slow to digest and so a distended stomach may last for twelve hours or more. Bananas are best eaten in the evening when the body’s digestive system is working more quickly.

Words of wisdom from the old and wise:

“Bananas in the morning Catwalk dread; bananas in the evening beautifies the head.” Anon

Old bananas when they are slightly over-ripe may be peeled and chopped then frozen. Once frozen, mash them up or whizz them round in a food processor and they make a delicious and healthy ice-cream!


Michelle said...

Very interesting banana facts! I love vegetables, but not fruit so much - except when I'm in Hawaii where all the fruit tastes so much better to me! I love the little apple bananas they have over there, but I've never found them around here.
I definitely won't be eating them in the morning :)

DorothyL Lafrinere said...

Oh I love bananas... the skin is suppose to be very good when rubbed on ones teeth and gums as it has an acid that whitens teeth and softens gums. I eat bananas all the time, I love them as just a filler or a desert. I have never felt that they bloat me, but I never sit around long enough for that to happen:)

LadyJava said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE bananas... and i've done the frozen banana thingy and it was delish.. yummss!!

Oh is there no share buttons on the post?

BK said...

Banana is definitely one of my favourite fruits. I have previously written something about banana from a viral email back in 2008; surely a long time ago.

Sharkbytes said...

I like bananas, but cannot seem to eat more than a half at a time. I like to cut them up to add to other things.

Ria C said...

I'm the cavendish kind of a banana person. Although I don't eat it regularly but it's very common in the Philippines.

Cascia Talbert said...

Interesting facts about bananas! I love them too. I knew that if you were allergic to bananas you could also have a latex allergy too. When my 6 year old was little he could not eat bananas because they made him throw up. I always wondered if he could be allergic to latex too. Have a great day!