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I have a sheep-keep. I came by it one, stifling-hot day as we were out on a walk. Although it was quite small, it stood quite high on a tiny shelf in a shop at the bargain price of £0.99. Ninety-nine pence well spent, I thought.

The keep has a hole in her tummy where the head and top part of her body comes away from the legs and the bottom part of her body. The small centre is for keeping buttons that fall off garments, so that they are never lost. We all know that buttons tend to fly off garments at precisely the time that a person is about to exit the door. As long as the button is in a discreet position then it isn’t missed at least by outside prying eyes and can peacefully dwell in the sheep-keep (button-keep) until returning back home when a needle and thread can place it safely back onto its home.


Sheep-keep for buttons Random Ramblings Blog

Sheep-keep for buttons showing legs-feet

Sheep-keep for buttons - inside the dish

Sheep-keep Random Ramblings Blog

Sheep-keep – the button keep until they can be safely sewn back onto the garment they have fallen from

“Now where’s my needle and thread?”


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Sharkbytes said...

Very cute! The important part has already been removed for haggis?