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Where would humanity be -
Without charity
And philanthropy?


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When I was a little child, my mother would frequently remind me how lucky I was to be me. None of us have the power to decide where we are going to be born, who are going to be our parents, what country we will grow up in or what our young lives have in store for us. We should never be quick to judge those who haven’t walked the safe paths that we have been fortunate to tread!


Sharkbytes said...

Nice thought, and a nice flower.

Polly Dot said...

Thank you, Joan. We are all left with the memories of what our mother's used to say, I think.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful post as usual. I can see you were very smart as a child as you are now. I love your poem and photos! English accents sound so elegant. Have a wonderful weekend!!!