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Tadpole hatchlings–the first baby frogs are swimming

Some of the frogspawn in the pond has now developed into baby hatchlings (tiny tadpoles). All life from the egg to the new being is wondrous and amazing. So many variations and every one of them is just breath-taking.


Tadpoles hatchlings circling the remainder of the frogspawn

Tadpole hatchlings


Tadpoles hatchlings

The frogs in our area are extremely beautiful and very varied in colour and size. These are the first hatchlings (tadpoles) of the season of the Common Frog, often known as the European Common Frog, Rana temporaria. The tadpoles feed mainly as herbivores though when they are slightly larger they begin taking invertebrates ready for their final change into the parent frog.


Sharkbytes said...

tadpoles are such a swarm of life

Polly Dot said...

Aren't they just marvellous though?