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I can almost smell Summer

I don’t know why but I have always loved how once April has arrived, so does a wealth of early flowers and the clouds of bloom on the fruit trees. One of my favourite tiny flowers that makes the pathways smell almost like ‘dolly mixtures,’ a sort of heady and very sugary sweet perfume, is Little Dorrit. Pretty, tiny four-petal parcels of syrupy florets which explodes with scent in every direction. They are a remarkable plant and will grow just about anywhere. Simply scatter the seeds wherever there is just a suggestion of a scrap or crumb of soil and they will sprout into the healthiest of plants within a few weeks. They self-seed so once you have them you have a flower-friend for life! 

Little Dorrit - Alyssum

Little Dorrit, Sweet Allysum, Alyssum maritimum, Lobularia maritima. This wonderful cottage garden plant is often called other names depending on which region of the world you are from. Other names include Alison, Allysum, Dorrit, Rockery Allysum, Sugar Allysum, House Maids ..

Little Dorrit - Alyssum, House Maids

If you look very closely you should be able to see an almost microscopic creature that is on one of the small petals.


Sharkbytes said...

I'm actually not a fan of the scent. Like heavy honey. But they do fill in a border nicely.

Michelle said...

These are beautiful! I wish you were closer so you could teach me how to grow things :)

Polly Dot said...

Joan, I was brought up with Little Dorrit so it captures part of my childhood. It is one of those country smells that is heady like Meadowsweet or Cow Parsley that makes me think of country lanes and cows slowly chewing the cud.
Michelle, if you buy some Little Dorrit seeds (they are usually only pennies) they just need to be sprinkled, they grow where you throw them - they are one of the most easiest plants on Earth to grow.

petronela said...

Happy Easter!!!!!Loveeee