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The birds

As a child I would look up into the evening sky and see flocks of starlings swirling, swooping and dancing in intricate patterns. The starlings would fly in their hundreds and the patterns they made were perfect formations. The spectacle was breathtaking and would last for quite a while as dusk drew forever nearer. Suddenly, without warning all at the same time as if they had been summoned, they would swoop down and all go to roost.

In recent years the quantities of starlings has diminished. So much so that it has become a rare sight in my area to see more than a couple of birds at a time.

Yesterday, there was a loud commotion in the garden. Birds were calling and squawking. I went outside to see what all the fuss was about ... there were starlings perched on the roof tops, on aerials, clothes lines, fences, trees ... everywhere. It reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' film. They were making so much noise it was deafening ... then I realised what they were doing they were swooping down on the fruit trees. Their pointed beaks, chiselling out chunks of Bramley apples. The noise got louder and louder and the apple trees were being pulled and pulled. Suddenly, every single starling took off ... and within a few seconds none were visible ... and just for a moment everywhere went deathly quiet.

On investigation some of the apples had huge holes gouged out of their flesh. Thankfully they did leave some untouched for us!


The TEFL Don said...

Your comment on starlings reminded me of early autumn back home-thanks.
We have our own version of "the birds" here in Thailand-The Common Asian Mynah. You can always tell if there is an intruder (animal or human) around by the noise they create.

Raquel said...

Aw, what a sad story. I like to hear birds singing while I'm in the porch drinking a cup of coffee.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

We have a lot of starling in the cherry orchards here. I am afraid they are not as appreciated in the US as they are in England.
I think their feathers are beautiful with all of that irridesent coloring.

Ori said...

ohh that would be a horror for someone with ornithophobia

Purpled Sky said...

what's a few apples compared to the beautiful memory the birds brought :-) nice entry :-)


I love the starlings! They are here now and a joy to watch. I miss the grackles and wonder when they will return. Nice of them to save you a few apples!

tahtimbo said...

When I was growing up, our apricot tree was always attacked by blue jays. They also liked to attack our cat.
I also wanted to let you know that you have just received a most prestigious award. You can swing by my site, http://mrmomsunite.blogspot.com , to pick it up...the paparazzi are already there and waiting for you.

Kim said...

I just found your blog & am really impressed by your photos & your posts! I will most definitely be following your progress.
Take Care & God bless! ~Kim