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Catch a rabbit

I grew up in the country and country people would often ask young children the following question "How do you catch a rabbit?" Many thought deeply about it and would wrinkle up their foreheads and screw up their noses. Some would answer with elaborate answers whilst others would say simply "I don't know." The air would bristle with anticipation as the child hung onto the adults expression waiting with exasperation to find out how. "Well," the child would ask "how do you catch a rabbit?"

"Sprinkle salt on their tail." Would be the reply ... the child would then suffer more exasperation and say "But, how do you get close enough to sprinkle salt on their tail?"

"Ah, now then - that's a secret." Would slowly and softly come as the reply.

This tale came to mind when it was announced that criminals who eat high quantities of salt or processed food leave behind clear fingerprints and are more easily caught.

*Sprinkle salt to catch a rabbit ... sprinkle salt to catch a thief!


Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

It's just amazing as to the many functions salt has!

Beau71 said...

Interesting.....I think today's modern technology makes it easy to catch most thieves. Although I wouldn't be surprised to see a Law and Order about salt.

Jenn Thorson said...

Growing up, the punchline in my area was "Make a noise like a carrot." :)

So, um... I think you might have better luck with the salt!

Judy said...

Just dropping by to say "hi" via etrecard!

Lady Undercover said...

Speaking of bunnies..I bought a couple of it.. I named them MOcco and Mocca. Then we saw this black-eared bunny..my hubby bought it. He named it Wall-E..haha! Next time I'm going to buy EVA.. *wink!

*lynne* said...

I echo beau71 - gotta keep an eye out for all the CSI and Law&Order series to factor this new discovery into one of their cases :)