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Someone in my family was playing the game 'Spore' and it looked so different from some of the other games I've seen so ... I sat down and I created the following creature .......... meet 'Dragwyn' he's my own creation and I haven't made up my mind whether to make him a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.
The purpose of the game is to begin life as a one cell creature - try to eat either greenery or other little creatures to develop into a multi-celled animal that can eventually leave the sea and climb up onto dry land. All this without being eaten yourself ... I gather that there are four stages to the game and at some point when you have passed the tribal stage and on to civilization your main aim is to unify the planet. Once the planet is at peace you can then go into space and go to other worlds!
I cannot use my creature as I have yet to begin the game as a one celled animal ... but as I have saved 'Dragwyn' he is now busy roaming the Internet in other peoples games. If he comes into your game, please let me know and let me know if he is a gentle giant or a monster!!!!
Has anyone else got this game and if so, how are you fairing?


Tina Kubala said...

I'm wishing I hadn't bought myself a replacement copy of Sims 2 a couple weeks ago. If I'd waited, I would have bought Spore instead. I'll just be behind the trend, as usual. The review sound fascinating. I love "sandbox play" type games.

Doug said...

I just read a pretty good article in Time Magazine about the developer of Spore...the same guy who developed the Sim (Sims?) game. (I'm not a game player, you can tell.) Anyway, Spore is likely to be the next big thing. They put out a beta and expected about a million little creatures by the end of the year (six months), but they had a million within a week or so! Amazing!