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Magestic mutes

Stratford-upon-Avon has beautiful Mute Swans that glide along the River Avon and walk upon the grass that lies either side of the river. The Mute does not have the mournful death song that has been written into many legends about this bird. Although mostly silent they do hiss and blow sound from their noses a kind of short snort when they are angry. Occasionally you may hear one give a out a weak note. It is alleged that it was Richard the Lionheart who originally introduced them onto English soil from Cyprus when he ventured back after fighting in the Crusades ... but this is most likely a myth as it is believed that they were breeding in the wild long before this time. Mute Swans were privately owned and they were sadly branded or their skin was cut at the top near to their bills or beaks ... it is said that at the time of Elizabeth I there may have been up to nine hundred different marks on Mute Swans to confirm who owned them. The Mute Swan is a protected bird ... the female is called the pen and the male the cob - the young are known as cygnets
Picture of a Mute Swan taken near to the River Avon This particular swan was so tame ... I think she would have followed me home if I had lived nearby. She walked right up to my legs then looked up as if to say "well aren't you going to give me something to eat?"

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wyche128 said...

Much nicer than the Canadian Geese we have to deal with here in New England