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Crackin' Chrome

I couldn't resist ... I have downloaded Google's Chrome and now have it riding alongside Firefox3 and Internet Explorer. Yes I now have all three browsers. So far, I have found Chrome to be slightly more quicker than the other two browsers. I like the idea of it having tabs along the top of the screen and the red warning when you happen to traverse on to a rogue site ... with a red box warning you that to open this particular website could damage your computer ... yes, it seems quick to alert you.

Will I keep all three? Well at the moment I'm not sure ... at the moment I think it's crackin' (as they say when something is very good).


Mike Foster said...

Please keep me posted on which one works best. I am disgruntled with IE, and have yet to load the other two. I am intrigued by Chrome, and may have to give it a whirl.

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El Di Pablo said...

I downloaded Chrome, but honestly do we really need another browser? Firefox is still the best IMO.

-El Di Pablo

Mike Golch said...

I do not the internet explorer any more the fire fox is my main one.
I just might download Chrome to try it.