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. . . Eureka! I must be a detective.

Initially I had used the web to try and track down the breed of the cat that keeps knocking at my door. As my endless looking appeared not to show any pictures that really looked like this little visitor - I decided that I may have better luck looking through reference books.

I had almost given up hope but determination spurred me on then ... there it was a picture so similar and characteristics to match - I knew that I had found out the breed of this unusual cat.

It is called a 'Ragdoll' cat and apparently starts life off as a white kitten - their colouring and marking occurs gradually over two years. They are the cat for first time owners being extremely gentle in disposition ... disliking hunting they are ideal for bird lovers. They can grow to a maximum of 20 lb or 9 Kg. There are a few colours that the white kitten can change into ... chocolate, lilac or blue, seal, white socks (mitted), or bi-coloured. They are known as the gentle giants of the cat world. It was probably as late as 2000 before Ragdolls were truly considered to be pedigree cats.

Now ... having discovered that you can actually have a cat that is so gentle - does it make you think "I would like one!" :)


Patty said...

Beautiful cat!

MamaFlo said...

Actually yes it does, kinda.
I have a beautiful outdoor cat that came to us about 4-5 years ago and is gentle and wonderful but he isn't an indoor cat (although I think at one time he was). I don't want a cat to scratch up my furniture and I don't want my house to smell like a cat so if I could have all that, yes I would love a cat like this!!!!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Good to know Ragdolls are not hunters so if we ever get another bird, I'll know what kind of cat to get. Tweet, Tweet!

tahtimbo said...

I think Koko has some Ragdoll in him. I have heard that they got that name because they like to throw themselves down in front of you as you walk. This is Koko's favorite thing to do.
You have a very handsome cat there:)


I think this beautiful cat has found his new home and it is yours.

jodapoet said...

Beautiful coloring and just adorable.

Shinade said...

Oh Dear,
I'm in love and I bet these are not cheap either.

We are looking for a new kitty as we just lost one. We usually adopt abandoned ones.

But, this cat is so very lovely and he doesn't chase birds either.

Puma the cat I have leaves our birds alone too. So this would be so perfect.

Now I too must do a search and find out how expensive these little guys are.

And I don't know maybe you like this little guy!!:-))))

Nancy Ellyn said...

I have never met a kitty I didn't love! Happy Halloween!

Shinade said...

Hi there,
Here to answer your question about my name.

I only hold copyright protection under two names. My real name Jackie and also MoonDanzerDesignz.

I chose the name Shinade for my blog for it's meaning.

In Gaelic it translates to "Graciousness of God."

And I hope to always have that.

Now I am running super duper behind. It's 10pm here and I am just now getting back to my drops for today.

I had to stop and put up my photohunt.


I hope you have great day!!:-)))

WeblogLearner said...

Hmmm.. gentle cats are stange find unless one knows how to train and discipline normal cats... This one, i hope to see how it looks really in the face..

ally said...

hi polly! how are you? You have just been tagged by me... here's the link:


take care!!

Maureen said...

Ha! Oh, Ragdolls are the best. We got one last year and she is a doll... so soft, so quiet, so laid back. Her name is Tawnee.

Rumpleteazer said...

Cute cat! Not come across ragdolls before. We have 5 cats, all of which are supposed to be ferral, but one of them has decided that she wants to be a part-time house cat!

I have an award for you!! Visit my blog to pick it up.


BTW-I have an award for you at my site.
Don't feel obligated to participate just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog!