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Slithering soapy suds

I had my arms in the sink in warm sudsy water up to my elbows as I was hurriedly swirling away washing-up the breakfast dishes and placing them onto the draining board. The cat was sat at my feet and flicking my leg with her tail ... she had had her breakfast which was a small saucer of chicken and turkey morsels in a type of runny sauce and another small saucer of fish with a few mouthfuls of kibble. She miaowed and flicked her tail with more deliberation ... she wanted seconds. My cat always wants seconds ... she's Oliver Twist! "In a minute." I said to her as I carried on washing the 'pots.'

Finally, sink empty - I pulled out the plug and the water and suds all swirled away. At the very bottom of the sink in amongst the dregs of the soap suds there appeared to be a stone. I hasten to add I am not used to finding stones in my sink. When I picked it up ... it turned out to be a baby snail ... At first I thought it had been cooked in the warm soap suds but after a short while its soft flesh began to undulate and eventually it popped its head out and looked at me. Although I hadn't put the snail in the sink or even can't think how it could have possibly got there ... I felt guilty ... so I took it outside and placed it onto a leaf and it began to slither about. I am hoping that it was fine after its slithering soapy ordeal. :)

Baby snail that was found in the sink!


Sandi said...

what a very odd find indeed. I hope he made it! haha

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wow, luck little snail-hope it recovers.

Robin said...

Maybe it just stopped by for its morning bath!


Shinade said...

Oh my lucky little guy. I bet he was so happy to be rescued!!:-)