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Old people's day

1st October is a very special day - it has been put aside for the celebration of every person who is half-a-century or older. It is a day for reflection for all those who have given their time in acquiring knowledge and giving back something to this most wonderful planet that they were born on.

It is not saying that everyone over 50 years of age is old - but rather acknowledging their wisdom and experience. In many cultures this does not have to be pointed out - but for the first time it is now recognised by all in this new and very special day known as 'Old People's Day.'

Happy Old People's Day to everyone.


Mike Golch said...

works for me. I passed the half century mark 6 years ago and Proud of it!

Laurie said...

LOL-- and I just thought it was the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month! Speaking of... I have giveaways and am walking in the 3-Day if you'd like to make a donation. :)

Carol said...

Thanks! As long as I'm still kickin' I am celebrating every good occasion I can. I am 58. :)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Thank you. I never heard of "Old people's day" before but it's nice to have it. I is old!

Laane said...

So I´m wise now. Wow!

And old..... Ugh!

Do we have a special ribbon too?

Have a great weekend!

Loida Chan said...

Not there yet but will be there soon. It is nice to know that it is celebrated. Maybe when that day comes I will have a trophy made for me :)