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Old time tradition

Saturday saw the end of British Summertime and we all turned our clocks back one hour to herald in the Winter. Winter has always been an important part of the British calendar. Years ago ancient Britons stood at Stone Henge and watched the sun and waited for the days to become longer - a celebration for man through the ages.

I always look forward to the extra hour in bed and somehow with the change in the season my body clock seems to respond well to this wonderful old time tradition. Years ago they tried out double-summertime - where the clocks didn't go back in October ... this only really benefits people in the South of the country where the days are naturally slightly longer. To the rest of the country it was a most unpleasant experience ... so let's keep this lovely old time tradition.

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A. said...

I remember that double summertime, just about, but I thought they did continue changing between summer and winter. In effect we were using Central European time We were living in Lincolnshire at the time, but although I remember it, it didn't seem to make any impact on me. I personally prefer it to be light in the evening rather than the morning.