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Snow, snow, SNOW ...

Today we have had the first snowfall of 'the Winter' - however it is still Autumn. This is the first time since 1934 that there has been snow in London during the month of October. Not only has it snowed but in places it has settled. They have forecast freezing conditions ... so watch out and take care everyone!


Laane said...

Snow in London? Now?

In a way I can place it, because it has been wet and cold here too.
The first nightfrost last night and during the day it's cold too.

Snow... I love it, even though I can understand it's a bother for people who have to be on the roads.

Ruthi said...

We already had snow here too [the only relief is that the snow falls in the mountain] and it's not even Halloween yet. The climate is really crazy.

Sandi said...

My 8 year old insists it snowed during her recess time a few days ago. I didn't know if I should believe her or not! I am worried it will be a hard cold winter. =/

Shinade said...

yes it's bad here on the East Coast and they are warning us down here also to expect a drastic change in out temps.

Thanks so much Polly for dropping in yesterday. I was very sorry to hear of your loss also.

It is a dreadful thing and can attack anyone at any time.


Tushar Dhoot said...

Ouch, that sucks.

Same here in Canada. We had our first snowfall 2 weeks ago, which is waaay to early.

MamaFlo said...

Holy Moly Polly, Snow already? It appears that mother nature is shaking up our earth something fierce with all the weather issues we've seen in the last 12 months.
Take care and take some pictures - snow isn't something we get to see much of in south texas.

Shinade said...

Hi Polly,
I'm apologize for not stopping by earlier to comment about your snow.

But, my day has been incredibly hectic.

Now to answer your question about my Ecard.

Until now I had been designing my own. I do graphics in PSP. But, I just never could get one that I was satisfied with.

I don't know if you're familiar with PSP or not but you use things called tubes. Basically they are just images that a transparent background.

I searched everywhere and couldn't find a tube of a camera and really didn't have the time or patience to tube one myself.

So a good friend of mine made this new one for me and also one more that does have a camera. And stands out a little more as far as the colors.

So I will be keeping this for quite some time. I finally got satisfied.

I know everyone is probably thinking the same way you are and wondering why I keep changing...so now you know.

By the way...did you like this new one? Oh I hope so because she's staying for a while.

I would love your honest input.

Thanks...got to go pull a post out of the magical hat..LOL!!:-))))

Joe Lightyear said...

UK weather is insane this year. I read from one of the newspaper that it is in the gloomiest state since 1800's in Liverpool.

Stefan said...

My entire life, I'd be preparing for winter at this time of year. Not now. I've recently (well, last year) moved to Australia, and now I can bask in the thought of knowing that my entire summer is ahead of me.

That's not to say I don't envy you. I love the snow. It's what makes winter, well, winter. Our winter here was unpleasant. Cold, yet no snow to make it worthwhile.

Eh well, I'm off to the beach. ;)

Jacqueline said...

Wow! Seems this year is flying by like a jet.

C K said...

Wife and I were grinning like idiots when we realized that it was snowing. Stuck our heads out of the windows and got our head covered with flakes.

I realized that not the whole of London got them. It's mostly confined to North London.

TiLT said...

I don';t want to see or hear the S-word yet! Aaagghh...althoug, we just had a dusting here yesterday too (metro Detroit) blech!

Kikey Loo said...

wow... UK snow so early...
Boston have no snow yet, but soon....

John Tedder said...

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