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Clustrmap change

For those who have added Clustrmap to their blogs there is now a new addition to add to the fun of the red spot challenge (seeing how much of your map you can cover with red spots) – they have now added listings so that you can see where your readers are coming from:




For those who wish to add Clustrmap (just for fun) Clustrmap please note it is best located as high up the blog page as possible to capture as many visitors as you can. As many bloggers receive visitors whilst using Entrecard it must be noted that owing to speed droppers that are fast blog runners some of these particular visits are not picked up by any external counters.


Zen Ventures said...

wow I never thot of using this. My sidebar is already cluttered way before and I'm not sure how this will fit in the equation! LOL! Thanks for sharing this.

Susan said...

You have an award. Just got to Toltec Insights to pick it up!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Good info. Thanks for sharing it!

Shinade said...

Well i do have one of those but I have often thought of removing it as it does slow down my load so much.

But, I simply love to see where everyone has come from.

However, Polly I did not know that it was not counting speed droppers. And as you know by my top droppers this week I have almost all speed droppers.

So I guess I am missing a lot of people.

I hope your Sunday has been a good one so far!:-)

Shinade said...

Polly thank you so much for dropping by and sharing about your lovely bear.

But you were there just one minute before I posted my pictures I got of a dove that stays here during the winter.

There are a pair and 2 years ago they nested in the tree right by our front porch.

We could see the babies. it was so exciting.

It's just a plain gray dove but I have no clue what type dove it really is and you know so much about these things.

If you get a chance will you drop back by and see if you know the name of this type dove?

If you don;t have time please don;t bother.

Well it's after 3am here so I am headed for a few hours of sleep.

I hope you have a good day!

Windmill said...

Hi Polly,

Please collect your Award at: