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Do you hear owls hooting?

Today, I turned over the calendar page and there facing me to welcome in the last month of the year was a magnificent picture of an owl. A thought suddenly gripped me … how long ago was it when I last heard an owl hoot? The answer is, I sadly don’t know. It was a very long, long, long time ago. There used to be owls hooting all night long. Many a night in the past I have tossed and turned listening to them hooting both near and far. Have the owls in my area all died out?

Is there anyone anywhere that can still hear owls?

The most common owl in Britain has always been regarded as the Tawny Owl. It is small and has a beautiful call that many will have heard … “T-wit-T-woo.” I used to think that this was one owl but in fact it is two conversing … The female strikes up the conversation with “T-wit” and the male replies with “T-woo.”

The male responds so quickly to the females cry or hoot that it sounds remarkably like one bird … “T~wit-T~woo!”




~ Tawny owl ~


Doug said...

Here you go: A link to a feature article on a guy who studies owls. It's called "Nocturnal Calling" and was published in the Missoula Montana Missoulian on November 28, 2008. http://www.missoulian.com/articles/2008/11/28/territory/ter10.txt

Eduardo said...

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roentarre said...

I really love this picture. So beautiful as a creature

feefifoto said...

I love owls. I rarely hear them but I do see them occasionally, hanging out in the woods around my house or sometimes even perched right outside my window for half a day.

Twerlyn said...

I hear birds chirping every morning outside the apartment BUT not Owl... I can only see OWL in the zoo.

Zen Ventures said...

we used to have one in the neighborhood but I never really saw it. I only hear it and then summer came and fall has past, I have not heard 'em again. Not sure what happened. I kinda miss hearing it. Oh well...he must have gotten bored...:)

shaxx said...

Thanks for being one of my top droppers in Nov 2008!


LBJirel said...

Here is no owl in Kathmandu, capital city of this country. It has been about four years since I last heard owl at night in my village.

But, I don't know the type of the owl.

liza said...

certainly not here. when i was younger i used to be afraid whenever i hear them hoot.

Shinade said...

Oh my yes Polly. Are you kidding me about not having owls?

We have them and they are a pest for us because they kill all of our baby ducks and geese.

Oh my they are such a problem here that many people shoot them.

I tell you what if I can catch one I will gladly mail it to you okay?

I hope you had a good day. I am late today because of course I had PC problems again.

Grrrrrrrrr.....windows service pack3 did a job on me.

Oh I hope you have a lovely evening and I am so glad you enjoyed the blue jay.

And I haven't forgotten about your blue skies either!!

Dwayne said...

I have one that lives outside my bedroom window. I think he might be lonesome also, because some nights he will just not shut up lol. I wear hearing aids but I can hear him without them. He is a beautiful sight to see though. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hunting,fishing and working so I really appreciate watching nature.