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Cosy Christmas comfy cat

Over the last few days of Christmas the cat has been confused. Her daily routine was altered … her little spot on the windowsill where she likes to sit to attention and peep through the curtain nets was straggled with a rope light. It didn’t stop her trying to creep to her favourite place but she did it with pursed lips and on a type of ballerina tip-toe full of grace and very disarming. The television was on more than normal but this didn’t prevent her from sharpening her razor like talons … being a cat she is always prepared. She is never without a meal – there is a banquet awaiting her at all times … but being a cat she must always be prepared for that one time when she may come back home to an empty bowl and then she will have to put those talons to use to catch her dinner!

She prowled and prowled and tailed every family member she could find … why was it so different from usual? In the end - this busy, black and white feminine feline female gave in and turned onto her back and fell into a distant dream world. I couldn’t resist taking a picture and by the time I had clicked twice she had turned onto her tummy and forced her eyes open a crack … you could say she is a Christmas cracker!




Little note – for all you turkey fans remember that turkey meat of any kind should never be given to cats or dogs – it allegedly is impossible for them to digest and can therefore lead to dangerous health issues.


Amy Lilley Designs said...

a very big awwwwww...what a beautiful kitty!!! .Happy New Year..:))


dj said...

What a lovely cat! I love the black and white cats. I had two that have gone now, but they were fabulous!

Duni said...

your cat looks almost the same as mine ☺
thanks for the advice on turkey! I believe the same goes for pork...

Aniya said...

oohh I didn't know about the turkey thing, my cats have just had their second lot, oops ;-)