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First phone photographs

I am probably behind most as it has taken me until now to be in possession of a phone that takes pictures … here are my very first two attempts.

1st phone pic Very first phone picture – Canadian goose + tip of finger!

2nd phone picSecond phone picture – Canada geese, Mallard female and young, Moorhens with one youngster and in the background a solitary Magpie … one feather floating mid air!


Ann said...

I just got a cell phone with a camera almost a year ago. I wanted one so bad and now that I have it, I never use it. Personally I think it takes lousy pictures but oh well at least I have one now...lol
Love the picture + the finger.

Jan from BetterSpines said...

Ain't technology wonderful! Trying to figure it all out? My phone doesn't do photos, but that's ok because I'm a lousy photographer anyway LOL.

Diff.Thinkr said...

Well congrats!!!!!

John | Make Nothing Online said...

The quality isn't too bad. Have you tried taking close ups?

I've no intention of getting a camera phone. I've had the same mobile for about 6 years and won't change it until it stops working!

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