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Thick thorny thistles

So many things are happening at this time of year that it is useful to take a camera everywhere you go. I found this field that had much of the land covered in thistle and thistledown.

Thistles in seed 

Thistles Thistles full of thistledown

The soft silky thread of the thistledown is called pappus which forms as tiny parachutes with a seed attached. The feathery parachute is blown in the wind sometimes for many miles before depositing itself softly onto loose soil where it eventually becomes a new thistle plant.


SANDY said...

Just seeing this makes me sneeze; but the birds truly love it. I used to have seeds in a feeder for them; but when they cracked them open to eat, seedlings popped up everywhere. I've had to do a lot weeding over the last couple of years to get rid of them.

Agree though, it's nice to have a camera always at the ready.

I did actually have one sip of hubby's beer after the tour. I was thirsty. lol


Ann said...

always good to have a camera on hand, you never know what sights you will see