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Leycesteria formosa

Leycesteria formosa has been introduced into many countries because of it offers beauty with hardiness. It is known throughout the world by many different names, the most common of which is Pheasant berry, Himalayan honeysuckle, Himalayan nutmeg or Flowering nutmeg. The plant originates from the Himalayas and areas of South-West China. This very picturesque shrub could make a lovely addition to any garden as the flowers are graceful in their formation. Small white fragile looking stars dangle daintily at the end of the dark plum leaflet trail. Bees hover around the flowers throughout the whole of July and August. Towards the end of the flowering season, deep into Autumn lush, dark, rich damson-red berry fruits hang from each small leaflet and these are prized by blackbirds.

It is a plant that loves sunshine but will do well in partial shade. Although it is known to be self-contained when planted in Britain there have allegedly been a few reports that it has become quite rampant in New Zealand.


Himalayan honeysuckle - Leycesteria formosa or Pheasant berry

Leycesteria formosa - Pheasant berry, Himalayan honeysuckle, Himalayan nutmeg, Flowering nutmeg

Pheasant berry - Himalayan honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosa, Himalayan nutmeg, Flowering nutmeg

Himalayan honeysuckle. Pheasant berry, Himalayan nutmeg, Flowering nutmeg, Leycesteria formosa ... Purple shrimp flower

Himalayan honeysuckle ... Purple shrimp flower Leycesteria formosa – also known as Himalayan honeysuckle, Pheasant berry, Himalayan nutmeg, Flowering nutmeg and loving called ‘Purple shrimp flower’

These particular plants were an unexpected find in Arrow Valley Nature Reserve in Redditch, Worcestershire, England and I personally think that they are very beautiful.


Grampy said...

I agree that they are very beautiful.

Ann said...

Very interesting looking plant. Love the flowers on it.

Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing the information on Leycesteria formosa as I was unaware of this plant and excited to know more about it after seeing the picture on your blog. It looks perfect.

Anton said...

Have a lot of these in the mountains of Japan Polly, thanks for the very imformative post. They are lovely are'nt they. Glad you like my post on mushrooms too, many thanks for the comments, always welcome and much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I have one in my garden in Falkirk - it is December and very cold and the plant is being visited daily by a pair of Bull Finches. Best not to trim it too early as the berries support your local bird life.

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