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Ye olde English pond

One day whilst walking through a densely wooded area I came across an ancient pond. I had heard about it many times but until now had never actually seen it. Often locations of such treasures are kept secret. As others that have accidentally stumbled upon it (if not into it) have done in the past, I too will keep its hiding place sealed.

Ye olde Englsih Pond

  Ye olde English pond – somewhere in Worcestershire

This pond is set in quiet rural beauty with birds singing in the surrounding trees. Despite looking almost stagnant in appearance the pond water smells as sweet and fresh as a mountain stream. It is the home of local amphibians and a water hole to the mammals that roam on the long grassy carpeted floor.


BK said...

I have to say that on first look at the picture, I thought the pond to be just a pool of stagnant water. But I am glad to read that the pond water smells as sweet and fresh as a mountain stream. Yet again, looks can be so deceiving.

WillOaks Studio said...

I was wondering what kind of wildlife lives in the secret pond? Frogs? Turtles? Fish? I'm so curious as I'm a big fan of ponds!

Drops said...

As I've seen it, it feels like in a next few minutes, I will see a fairy flying nearby. lol
It looks like magical to me.

Pond Liners said...

Oh! its seems to be very old pond . It is full of algae and plants. I think it have very less fishes because lots of algae.