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All Saints Day and the Peace lily

Today is All Saints Day, the first day of the old Celtic New Year, a day of peace and the perfect day to purchase a Peace lily. The Peace lily is the ultimate house plant. It only requires a very small amount of natural light and helps to keep optimum humidity to modern homes. This lovely plant absorbs all of the modern chemicals that float about in the air and replaces them with pure oxygen. This process goes on whether the plant is flowering or in a dormant period. It usually rests for eight weeks before coming into full bloom once again. Some people call it the ‘tear drop’ plant as it is said to cry in a happy home taking away any misery. Remember to keep the soil damp for a healthy plant.

Peace lily

The Peace lily Peace lily - Spathiphyllum


BK said...

Interesting plant especially on the part of absorbing all of the modern chemicals and replacing with pure oxygen.

Anonymous said...

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cissy said...

That is a beautiful plant. I have never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!

bathmate said...

I liked it.