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Shield bug

I saw my first shield bug only a few years ago and in some ways it reminded me of the stick and leaf insects from far off lands. I instantly became enchanted with this lovely little creature. In the Spring and early Summer the common variety is plain green occasionally having a few tiny pin spots. The bug’s wings change to an interesting brown in the Autumn. It’s appearance seems to mimic the seasons and so may be regarded as the chameleon of the insect world. It will gently ascend onto an outstretched hand and slowly walk a few steps and then just settle and stay in a still position. There is no sting or bite to worry about but do take care to treat these lovely bugs gently as their country name is ‘stink bug’ as they can exude an extremely unpleasant smell from their hind quarters if they feel threatened.


Shield bug

Shield bug - brown

Shield bug in Autumn


Lady Banana said...

I never saw one of these either until a few years ago, they are rather fascinating!

Ann said...

well I certainly wouldn't want to startle one and have it make a big stink :)

Raj said...


Don't know about the insect, but your hands are very pretty and beautiful :)

Organic Mechanic said...

yes the stink bug, in some warm areas of Africa, these little fellas sometimes appear in vast numbers after the winter. Nice to see someone with a very obvious love for nature