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Cool for cats

November came in with a cut and a slash as the cooler winds sliced through clothing almost unexpectedly after a very balmy October. The cat’s habits changed overnight and for the last few days she has snuggled deep in her little bed sleeping for a good proportion of the time. A little older, she now has developed a rather soothing soft, melodic snore as her chest rises and falls in a steady rhythm. Sometimes her front legs shoot out and remain stiffly in position other times it’s her back legs that stray from her soft, round basket. Occasionally both front and back legs pour out at peculiar angles but still she sleeps, very deeply … In fact, it is the only place where she manages to grasp very deep sleeping periods, if she falls to sleep anywhere else in or around the house her eyes very quickly prize open at the slightest noise. Her basket, apparently offers a much safer place to reside as she rarely wakes up from her deep dreams whilst rolled up asleep, cuddled on the soft, padded bottom.

Cat - in her basket

As a young child my mother would tell me the following rhymes about cats which I passed on to my own children …

Pussy cat Mole

Pussy cat Mole Jumped over a coal, And in her best petticoat Burnt a great hole.

Poor pussy is weeping She’ll have no more milk Until her best petticoat is Mended with silk.

I Love Little Pussy

I love little pussy, Her coat is so warm, And if I don't hurt her, She'll do me no harm.

So I'll not pull her tail, Nor drive her away, But pussy and I, Very gently will play.

Oh my tail and whiskers – that brings back some very happy memories!


WillOaks Studio said...

Great description of your sleeping kitty--cats can sleep in the most amazing positions! And your sweet poems are just lovely!

Micah said...

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Ann said...

Cute little poem. Right now I would like to be like your cat and settle in for a long deep sleep, maybe stretching my legs out a bit too...lol

Mariuca said...

Meow meow! I love this adorable pic Polly! TGIF! :)

Sugar Daddy Dating said...

A very nice poem. I like the second one.

Liza said...

Lovely poems. Just like our little dog, he can't sleep soundly anywhere else except on my daughter's bed.

Thanks for your comment Polly. Hope you're having a great weekend. :)