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Money sayings

As a child I would love to curl up in a ball and listen to the different sayings that older people would utter. I would wonder about who the original person was that had thought up such advice. Were they old and wise with deep set wrinkles, full of life's experiences? Did such knowledge arrive when they were still young and full of bloom? Would knowledge like this suddenly descend upon me? Here are a few of the sayings that were often used by the older members of the community whilst I was growing up:

‘One hundred pounds of your own money is worth more than a thousand of somebody else’s.’

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.’

Spend a bit, owe a bit, save a bit.’

Never a lender or a borrower be.’

The rich will always know how to smile – but only the poor know how to laugh.’

If they paid a working man a worthy wage then he would never work again!!’

A fool and his money are easily parted.’

There are of course many more and if nothing else they certainly make a person think!

MoneyThe pound and the note

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Ann said...

I've heard some of these before, some are new to me. All make a great deal of sense though.