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Weather whip

This year, global warming has become far more noticeable. All around us there are warning bells tolling out but rather than shattering peels they are leaving us visible clues. Although we are well into November everything around is whispering ‘October.’ The temperature, the winds, the rainfall, the insects … there are still wasps busily buzzing about! Hedgehogs are still out and about busily nuzzling their way on the lawns and in the borders. Pigeons are fluttering in the hedges and pecking off the ruby red berries.

As a young girl my mother would always use the following phrase when November descended onto us -

“No sun, no moon, November!”

November was always like this full of swirling mists and fogs. Everything dripping wet and damp. The damp travelled everywhere and elderly people would rub at their arms and legs to try and ease the aching as the dampness appeared to creep deep into their bones. Washing that had been hung on the line would come in wetter than when it had been hung out. People developed hacking coughs and streaming colds. Bronchitis was more of an occupation than an ailment and it tore into lungs as deadly as a surgeon’s scalpel.

…… Our Novembers have changed. Although this means that the planet is warming up at a dangerously fast rate, I would not wish for Novembers to return to what they once were ……


Cat ... play

Cat ... pounce  The cat is more playful this November … the basket and sleep are waiting for another time!


Elise said...

great post, thanks ! have a brilliant weekend

Sabra said...

This is very true. Also, it has been slowly becoming warmer and warmer each year for at least the past 10 years.

Lady Banana said...

I was so surprised to find a big fat wasp in my sitting room a couple of days ago - very different from years gone by..

Humor blog said...

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VanillaSeven said...

The best is to live our life to the fullest every single day :)
Thanks for dropping by Polly

Marg said...

I do think that global warming is speeding up. It is all very scary. But I was glad to see the pictures of the cat. You see I am one of those cat crazed women. LOL

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BK said...

Somehow it was different over my side this year, usually in the past year it will still be quite a lot of sun but these past 1-2 weeks, it was raining continuously. This is much like the weather I knew of in the 80s.

Stacie said...

It is very true. The weather here has been in the high 40s and 50s. Lots of dense fog here too. Rain! We should have cold and snow by now here!

indra putu achyar said...

nice post, :D

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nesquarx said...

Well, proper winter seems to have left Kolkata already. I will agree.

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