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Dwarf Evening Primrose – Evening Sunflower

The sun was shining brightly this afternoon which encouraged the few remaining late flowers of the dwarf evening primrose to bloom. I have two of these, one of them produces spotted bud casings whilst the other is plain green. Apart from that both the flowers and leaves are identical. They are large and showy and look magnificent in the rockery. Both plants are now quite old, they are both compact and have frequent flowers that bloom especially well on a warm sunny afternoon and evening.

Evening Primrose - taken in Worcestershire Dwarf Evening Primrose


Ann said...

They are quite pretty What a treat to see such sunny flowers blooming

Sandra Rose Hughes said...

How beautiful- i wonder if that's the same type of flower that evening primrose oil comes from.

Kloggers/Polly said...

These are one of my most favourite of flowers, Ann.

Sandra, there are several varieties of Evening Primrose and they grow in various regions of the world. I believe that they use several varieties to extract the medicinal oil from. The type in my garden is low lying and so probably originates from hilly or mountainous regions originally but appears to be quite at home in my garden. The area where I live is just under 400 feet above sea level but I wouldn't be surprised to see a plant or two growing in a seaside garden.

Jean said...

Very pretty blooms for fall. I wonder if they would be happy growing in the SE?


lovely flowers !