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Malnutrition and the Western world

Whenever we hear the word ‘malnutrition’ we almost always think of the impoverished world. The idea that malnutrition is on our doorsteps or even in our homes never crosses our minds. The fact that so many of the illnesses and complaints of today are in some way connected to the food that goes into us and our bodies ability to process this food effectively is becoming more and more apparent.

Example: Do you live a spit away from the ocean? In other words when you go for a walk near to where you live are you able to feel sea spray on your face? If the answer is no – and it will be for most of us then the next few questions are vital for normal body weight. Do you eat ocean white fish two to three times each week? Do you include seaweed in your meals once or twice each week? Do you enjoy regular portions of shellfish? Do you regularly add garlic to your meals? Do you always use sea salt in your cooking? If you are constantly answering no – then the chances are your body might be crying out for iodine. Malnutrition from this one element alone causes several major problems these include: inability or great difficulty to lose weight no matter how hard you try; gaining weight very easily which is difficult to shed; constipation; very cold hands and feet even during the hottest of weather spells; lack of energy and the desire to sit down for long periods; a general apathy to life or difficulty to get motivated.


When you add to this all of the other elements or minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and so on it is easy to see that we are all lacking or becoming malnourished with every day we draw breath and we are unlikely to ever know anything about it, other than not to feel as good as we should.

So when you next take a trip to the doctors be honest with your replies regarding your weekly intake of food. Without complete honesty to the doctor they will not be likely to ascertain whether you have an illness caused through lack of an essential nutrient or whether you may have something caused by bacteria, fungus, virus, or other varieties of causes. Never has the statement ‘you are what you eat’ been more frighteningly true. The problem is that few of us will ever really know what being 100% fit really feels like. Many will be told that they are simply greedy, idle, lazy, boring, bad tempered, violent, nasty, hypochondriacs ……. when truly the majority are most likely just suffering from malnutrition.

Take care -  try to eat a little of everything … be concerned if you do not eat certain foods because you do not like them – be concerned if you are a faddy eater – be concerned if your weekly food never varies, your menus contain the same food items or you rarely try new things … all of these type of eating habits can result in malnourishment.

Seek help if you constantly feel unwell as it is not a natural way to feel.


Lady Banana said...

I am the least faddy eater I know and I am quite proud of that!

However circumstances often prevent me from eating as well as I'd like to sometimes..

Ann said...

I know for a fact that my diet is not a very healthy one. Any time I ever call the doctor they only thing they do is tell me to take ibuprofen. Maybe besides improving my diet it's also time to find a new doctor. I can't recall them ever asking me about my diet

Jean said...

I am trying to improve my lifestyle. Eating healthy does help. I recently quit smoking and hope to see the benefits from this choice soon.
My doctor is awesome and real. He is into "preventive" medicine and gave me heck about smoking.

Sleepless said...

You're right of course. If you don't eat healthy foods, you can't really expect to have a healthy body. It always surprises me when people aren't aware of these things. I wish they would teach it to the children in school, and not serve pizza, burgers, fries, and such things at all, or very rarely anyway. And they definitely shouldn't sell pop and kandy at the schools either. Thanks for sharing an interesting post with us.