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Sedum seduction

Sedum’s come in all shapes and sizes and are cherished for their groups of tiny star-shaped flowers that are clustered together to form the look of a larger flower-head. One of the most easiest to grow flowers, needing no attention whatsoever once it has established itself in the border, is the Sedum Ice Plant. It is erect and splendid and at its best in the Autumn. The flowers early in Autumn are like pearl pink nail polish in colour, deepening to Christmas paper pink, an almost red towards early October. If allowed to remain on the plant it naturally dries out and then may be used for flower arrangements. Many people choose to spray the flower heads gold to mix in with table arrangements or to added to natural door ornaments which are often displayed on front doors as a celebration to mark the Christmas period.

Sedum Ice Plant - taken October 2010Sedum Ice Plant


Ann said...

Those look just like the ones I have in my front yard. They are pretty.

Jean said...

I have an Autumn Joy Sedum and wish I had more. It is one plant that didn't suffer from the drought this year. Butterflies and bees enjoy the blooms so that is an extra plus.

EastCoastLife said...

I wonder if we have this flowering plant in our region. It would come in useful for my flower arrangements this Christmas.