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Little Dorrit

One flower that I can remember from the moment of my childhood is ‘Little Dorrit.’ Its sweet pin-point stars fill the air with fragrance as it bustles its way from baskets, tubs, pots and borders spilling over pathways with an urgency to throw itself into every little corner of the garden.

Although it may be purchased already growing in small pots or plugs, it is so easy to grow from seed that this must be the best option even for the most sallow of green thumbs out there. Seed packets are available from most nurseries, garden centres, department stores and supermarkets and may be found for as little as 29 pence for a small packet. It will grow anywhere and needs very little soil to parade a most wonderful show. The seeds are a surface scatter variety – just simply throw where they need to grow, preferably after a rainfall so that they begin to swell and thrust out their roots almost immediately. Although they are an annual, they willingly self-seed so will flourish year-after-year. Some of the parent plants will flower for a second year which is an added bonus. Below is a picture of one young adult plant a few months after sowing still sturdy and strong well into October and it will continue flowering until the arrival of heavy frosts. At less than one penny it is the flower for thrifty times.

Little Dorrit Little Dorrit known also as Alyssum, Bianco, Lobularia maritima


Ann said...

It's quite pretty and sounds like just the right plant for me as I've never been much of a gardener. Actually I think that I may have some of this in my flower beds right now and it's grown quite quickly. I got several small plants free from the grocery store where I work. I'll have to check and see if it's the same thing.
Regarding your request for a picture of Duke's fur. I'll try and get one soon and post it on my blog.


It is beautiful!!! I would love to have these in my yard!!!

EastCoastLife said...

This pretty flowering plant is just what I need in my tiny garden. Easy to grow and doesn't require much care. I have to stick to white flowers for Fengshui reason. :D