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Nigella seed, Black cumin, Black caraway … Egyptian gold

The magical black seed is known by many names and thousands of years ago was prized by Kings and paupers alike for its healing properties. So why do we now find it of so little value that the Western world tosses it onto bird tables to feed finches? Years ago it was so prized that it was, it is claimed buried with the most powerful people in their tombs. Some of these seeds are even alleged to have been found buried with Tutankhamun.

Perhaps the main reason for this magical cure all to go out of fashion is the fact that so many black seeds are now being sold as ‘pure black cumin’ but unless you purchase the correct seeds then you cannot possibly hope for a cure to your ailments.

It is important for man to regain control over these amazing seeds and start using them for their medicinal properties once more. It is doubtful that the medical profession will ever recognise their potential unless it is persuaded to conduct extensive testing. The black cumin seed, it is said, was known as fitch in the Bible and their wonderful alleged properties are legion:

    • Firstly it is claimed they boost the immune system
    • They may be used for internal disorders
    • A cure for headaches
    • Relief from sinus pains
    • They aid asthma disorders
    • The seeds promote well-being
    • A cure for respiratory ailments
    • Everything except for death itself

Nigella seed Nigella seed

Black cumin is sold in various forms including capsules and oil. It is probably best to purchase them at a reputable health store as there are so many other black seeds that are being sold as these magical cure all ailments seeds … some of which would be harmless but useless, others may prove to be dangerous.

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Grampy said...

I'll have to look into it. The pharmaceutical companies may not want us to know about it. Thanks for the information.