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It bloats and fattens …

We have all read current reports on the main food items that are causing obesity, addiction, and depression in recent times: namely sugars, refined carbohydrates and processed foods. What is astonishing though, is what appears never to be mentioned. Allegedly, one of the most fattening things that can ever pass your lips is caffeine! Surprisingly, it is not the coffee with the lashings of full-fat milk or cream, but the caffeine it contains that tricks the body into manufacturing high amounts of insulin. A very simplistic explanation of why we make insulin and what it does is: insulin is a hormone that is made in the body to help convert sugars and carbohydrates and store them as fat. So if we eat or drink foods that create insulin then we will get fatter. So perhaps it’s time to avoid such caffeine stacked drinks as: coffee, cola, ‘innocuous sounding – high energy drinks,' and lastly with not quite so much caffeine is tea.

Coffee, cola, tea


Lady Banana said...

I was told by a lady the other day that she drinks vast quantities of diet cola and is troubled by a bloated fat tummy...

Your post makes sense!

Ann said...

UH OH, I think I'm in trouble. I have way too much caffeine in my diet

Colleen said...

Really, where is your source for this I never heard this before?

Kloggers/Polly said...

Hi LB, I must admit although most nutrition specialists advise people to drink decaffeinated tea and coffee, etc it was not until I started to read about why that I was enlightened.

Ann, although I usually drink tea I do enjoy a cup of milky coffee. It has been years since I have spooned sugar in either my tea or coffee but I have never thought of purchasing decaffeinated. However, the more I have read about caffeine and how it tampers with the body the more I am inclined to think perhaps it is time to start thinking of buying some Redbush. I'm not sure which coffee would have the strength of taste .. any ideas?
Colleen, there are loads of books in the library and so many websites that all advocate the problems with caffeine .. you could perhaps check out Zoe Harcombe books or may be take a look at the following websites:

There are many, many more. Medical books will probably explain more fully. I just simplified the process.