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Wet look

March was probably the driest we have ever had, at least on record. April nudged its way in with the ground parched. For once it was easy to mow the lawn and even that hadn’t grown with its usual burst of Springtime urgence. We need the April showers … the pepper shaker sprinkles of water to ensure the wellbeing of the remainder of plants that made it through the razor cold frosts of last Winter.

Spring mix

Spring mix of Muscari, fondly known as Grape hyacinths, Bluebell leaves, Foxglove leaves, bright lime-green Feverfew leaves and one odd stray Dandelion leaves – not spotted until now!

Muscari - or - Grape hyacinth

Muscari – Grape hyacinth

Lesser celandine and the leaves of wild garlic

Lesser celandine and the leaves of wild garlic


Don E. Chute said...

March was awful drought dry in So. Florida.

April is looking up and from there on out hopefully wet.

Love viewing your site.
Happy Trails...

Colleen said...

We had a soggy March and April is looking like more of the same. Come on SPRING!

Ann said...

we keep going back and forth between snow and rain here.
I have some of those grape hyacinths in my flower bed.

Sharkbytes said...

It will be several weeks before we are there! Lovely.

Russ said...

We had the March winds and now the April showers. I am hoping the flowers will soon pop up.

Interesting Foto said...

blue flowers are pretty

Jean said...

Huh...didn't know that about caffeine.

Lovely looking flowers! I am planing on planting Garlic this coming fall.