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Strong nails

Years ago a lovely lady told me that the one thing a woman should never run out of was brewer’s yeast tablets. I confess I was intrigued by her statement … she went on to tell me that a little while before she had been to see a specialist. I was too young to enquire what sort of a specialist or why she had felt the need to see one. She told me that brewer’s yeast had brought back her nails from broken, ragged, jagged, weak and split to – beautiful, long, strong, smooth and bright white. Amazingly, not only does brewers’ yeast make finger and toe nails grow extremely quickly – the results are visible after a few short days.

    • For best results take two brewer’s yeast tablets three times each day after meals …

Brewer's yeast tablets

Brewer’s yeast


Ann said...

sounds like I need to take some Brewers yeast, my nails are chipping all the time.

Kloggers/Polly said...

Brewer's yeast have saved my bacon many times Ann.

My nails are as soft as a three year old childs, they bend as easily as a toothpaste tube. Perhaps this is why I have always remembered the qualities of Brewer's yeast. There have been times when I have got fed up with taking it and have given it a rest and the first thing that I notice are the catches that suddenly appear on my nails.

On another note - they make hair quite sturdy and thick, they also protect the nervous system and help with more energy as they contain Vitamin B1. They also help to protect against developing shingles and a variety of nerve based diseases - so they are worth every penny they cost and they are probably the cheapest of all the over-the-counter natural supplements that are available.

CharmaineZoe said...

Brewer's yeast is also good for tongues too! My first husband developed a very cracked and fissured tongue with deep craters running through it. He was told to have either a spoonful or 2 tablets each day and within a couple of months all the cracks had filled in nicely and you wouldn't know they had been there at all - so yes, very good stuff!

Linda said...

Brewer's yeast really works, I take a couple of powdered brewers yeast diluted with water every morning. I had very brittle nails, peeling constantly and very soft. Within 2 weeks I noticed how strong and hard they had become and no more peeling!! Very very happy!!