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Weekend flights

I am doing a little bit of detective work at the moment … not the usual kind that you see glorified at the cinema or on the television. I am simply trying to establish where my bird containers are going to. This mystery began a few short weeks ago and I am determined to crack the case! So with a bit of help and a motion sensor I am hoping to find which little rascal is carrying off bird containers full of food. Apparently, so strong that not one so far has either been dropped or discarded. I have not yet discovered either which animal or bird is the culprit but I have obtained some rather nice pictures whilst waiting …

Perfect poise pigeon

Perfect poise pigeon

Crow and pigeon race

Crow and pigeon

Pigeon - rear view

Pigeon from the rear

Perfect pigeon

Pigeon about to land

King of the magpies

King of the magpies

Magical magpie

Magical magpie

Marvellous magpie

Marvellous magpie

Magpie mischief

Magpie mischief

Pigeon pause

Pigeon … forwards landing



So far these are the contenders of the bird container thief …… I think I can at least rule out the sparrow!


Jean said...

Dang....you do have a mystery. If the thief is a bird than my guess would be a Crow. They are smart enough to pull this off. But if it is happening at night it must be another critter.
Cool action photos and I love the rustic feeder!

Ann said...

Well I certainly love a good mystery but I think I would be a little annoyed by someone taking off with my feeders. I hope you solve the case soon

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I haven't seen a Magpie in a long time. They can be pretty tricky, right?

Russ said...

If I was to guess a bird it would have to be the crow. But I think it is probably some other animal sneaking in during the night. What ever it is a great mystery. Hope you get the culprit.


I love these pics!! Cannot wait to see who the culprit is. Animals are just so funny!!!

Mel Cole said...

I tought they are eagles ;) Cool captures.

ladyguinevere28 said...

what ever the mystery it is, no doubt that bird is really nice.

Sam said...

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