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The sun was shining and the sky embroidered with fluffy white clouds. Directly above in the blue, blue, sky was a watery moon. Although it seemed almost pointless I took a couple of photographs but when I looked at them more closely I am pleased that I did. Who would have thought that so much would be visible of a satellite that looked as though it had been painted in a watery pale poster paint?


Moon a little closer

The Moon on a warm Worcestershire day, in April

Moon Facts: Sadly, every site that you may visit will show quite large variations in any measurement concerning the Moon. So, having looked through several books and visiting countless sites the measurements that I have here appear to be a best guess. The Moon is approximately 238,897 miles (384,467 kilometres) distance from the Earth but is gradually pulling away from Earth’s gravity. Every year it succeeds in becoming a little further away and eventually, it will tug itself free. The Moon has an approximate diameter of 2,159 miles (3,476 kilometres). It is made up of a large outer crust which covers a hard mantle then a partially melted inner mantle and lastly an outer iron core which is fluid and finally a hard inner core.


Ann said...

I just love the moon. I'm totally fascinated by it.

Russ said...

The moon is gorgeous. I didn't realize it was pulling away from us. I am sure it is a slow process that I most likely never see.

Christy said...

I too am fascinated with the moon and wish I had a camera which could zoom in well enough to get a clear enough photo. Such a beauty!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

I love the captures of the moon. What a beauty to behold! I have tried taking a picture of it the other night but yours is waaaay beautiful and clear! Fascinating! :)

Kloggers/Polly said...

I was just very lucky with this shot and I didn't realise it until afterwards. When I happened to look online they specified that it must be done with a tripod - I don't possess one. They also said that the shutter speed had to be amazingly fast .... this was very slow and I must have held my hand steady enough to not get a blurred shudder. I tried to take the same moon when it was pitch black but it is truly a large blur .... so I count myself very lucky and the fact that it was during the day makes for an interesting view.
The larger picture, is in fact the same one I just used the zoom on the PC reader to enlarge and then the snip tool before transporting it into photoshop to re-crop it and save it as a Jpeg ... there my secret is out!
I shall have to try again on a dark, dark night and hope that I can keep my hand still ... perhaps a sugar cube might aid me not to shake whilst the shutter is open. Any ideas?

Colleen said...

I hope the moon isn't departing any time soon. I would really miss it. I saw the eclipse (quite visible from here and luckily the clouds cooperated) the very day I got the bad news about my mom.