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The reign after the rain

The rain has finally stopped but during all of the downpours the bees at the insect house have been fully industrious and have completed several compartments or chambers. I noticed that one of the bamboo canes had been sealed with a bright green leaf and finally tracked it down to a golden leafed fuchsia pictured below. They cut carefully in a circular motion as though they have a measuring tool because magically the cropped circles expertly tailored from leaf after leaf - perfectly fit the bamboo canes.

Fuchsia leaf placed in one of the bamboo canes cut from the fuchsia plant above
This bee is sealing the leaf to the edge of the cane ... round and round she travelled her mouth against the edge of the hole in the bamboo cane. I am assuming that this bee is probably the queen as she is slightly larger and plumper or broader than the others. (Leaf cutter bees.)


Kikey said...

Boston also have a lot of rain!!

p/s: I am fine right now... thanks a lot.. :)


I find this fascinating. Nature never ceases to leave me in awe. Thank you for always sharing.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Love these photos of the insect house
and bees. I wasn't aware of this type of bee before I found your blog.

Buwau98 said...

Nice blog you have.
I love those flowers.
Thanks for visiting and as for the question you asked, please visit my other blog.


Billigflüge Phuket said...

This looks great, bees are very important for our survive!

Talli said...

Aww, Cute little bees ! I might try that in my garden :D Good opp for photo taking lol !

Rajesh said...

Excellent detailing. You are really enjoying nature.