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First petition

Petitions are a useful tool of the lay person to try and achieve a goal of belief. It has now been alleged that this particular method has been used for the very first time in a British Prison. The alleged petition has been drawn up at Belmarsh Prison in South-East London where every violent, vicious and dangerous criminals housed behind its walls are incensed with its latest inmate.

This new inmate was the stepfather of a beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed little baby boy who had barely just reached the walking stage. According to news reports the stepfather and mother along possibly with a lodger had tortured this little boy with a sickening amount of injuries (over fifty were found) including the removal of fingernails, the tip of a finger, shaving the young boys head and gouging it, breaking his back … the list is long and painful.

Some quirk of the law has made it possible for both the stepfather, mother and young son not to be named in this most blackest of cases that has stunned the whole nation. Their convictions are also puzzling … “causing or allowing Baby P’s death.” It was also alleged that the family and especially the baby were being watched by social workers …

The inmates of the prison are petitioning the governor and also the Home Secretary to have the stepfather expelled from the prison!

Baby P

Baby P


Shinade said...

Oh that poor poor baby.I hope they don't get out!!

Bemused26 said...

Yeah, this story did me in. I cried when reading the injuries the poor little tike endured. It made me really question our society!
I don't understand why not one of those people was charged with murder? It must have been systematic, they surely didn't believe that they didn't intend to kill him?! It was a strange affair.