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Are you gullible?

No? Have you ever bought an item advertised on the TV, radio, or in magazines or newspapers? If the answer is yes then you may be gullible. This may also mean that you could easily be taken advantage of - so be careful. Think again before you purchase that new item that you have never tried before, do you really need it? Listen carefully and be quick not to judge others on here say. If you are or could be the type of person that is gullible then you may also be dangerous. How can someone be dangerous in these circumstances? What if you were a member of a jury? What if you were persuaded that a person on trial was guilty by clever rhetoric rather than by definite proven facts? What, also, if you were weak enough to be badgered into changing your opinion of a persons innocence or guilt by persistent bullies while the evidence and rhetoric was being sifted through by all the members of the jury? Could you then say that the jury system offered justice? There is also the dreadful scenario, as an innocent person in court and on trial by the jury system how could you be assured of a fair and just trial? If people can be so easily persuaded by others to come to specific conclusions, then the chances are that your trial would carry the risk of being unjust and unfair. Whatever your opinion, it is obvious that the jury system is flawed - and the evidence for this statement are the amount of people found guilty in "trial by jury" who in later years, sometimes decades later, are eventually proven to be innocent. In years gone by, when the death penalty was still used, some of these people have been hung - only to be declared innocent after the event. Perhaps, we should think about trying to find a different way to sort out a person's innocence or guilt of a crime if we believe in true justice for all. post extra: day 23 after St Swithin's - slightly cooler than yesterday but warm, sunny and breezy with a few odd spits of rain.

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