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It's all in the cut

The leaf cutter bees are busier than ever. They seem attracted to leaves that are of a certain thickness and reasonably soft to the touch. Leaves which have a slight point to them also seem to be preferred. I now have a garden with so many circles cut from the leaves it has formed a sort of patchwork. I think, by the quantity of circles being carved from the leaves there must be more bees in the vicinity than the ones using my little insect house. Today they have been going in and out of the bottom row of the canes. In addition to the industrious behaviour of the bees in the bottom row, there have been occasional visits to ones slightly higher up. Whether this is to inspect possible hatchings or whether it is to add more eggs, I am unsure.
post extra: day 34 after St Swithin's - quite cloudy and considerably cooler; day 35 after St Swithin's - quite pleasant with a cool breeze. Today day 36 after St Swithin's - fairly overcast with an occasional sunny period - a light wind lasted all day.

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