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Bee detective

I have found that that the bees in the small insect house have been carving small semi-circles and almost perfect circles out of the leaves of a red rose that is growing in the front garden. I am uncertain of the name of the rose but it smells like the rose fragrance from Turkish delight and is cramped so that it looks as though it has almost too many petals in each perfectly formed flower. The same patterns have been carved out of a lime coloured leaf of a fuchsia plant, an ash tree and lastly a small buddleia bush. These are listed as carpenter bees. There are notes in Collins Complete Guide British Wildlife that refers to "Patchwork Leaf-cutter Bee" but this guide states that the bee uses 'leaves of garden roses.' There is no mention of using a variety of leaves. The bees are still taking chunks of leaf to the hollowed out bamboo canes of the insect house. I am puzzled as some of the holes are plugged with what appears to be mud. There also appears to be a smaller bee that flies up to and sometimes into the holes of these leaf cutter bees even when the larger leaf cutter bee is inside the cane. post extra: yesterday was the 26th day after St Swithin's - a really lovely day, warm and sunny. Today which is day 27 after St Swithin's - it was kick off for the new football season and as with every year (you can guarantee it) it was hot and sunny with only a few wispy clouds - magnificent!

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