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Powder puff pollen

Bring out the turmeric there is pollen everywhere! It's on the breeze, here's another sneeze ... There seems to be more pollen about than is usual for the time of year which is unexpected in some ways as we have had so much rain in July. Perhaps, the amount of pollen is due to some plants flowering much later than usual and others flowering at the right time. A couple of years ago I read an article about turmeric quelling the symptoms of both hay fever and rhinitis - especially preventing runny eyes. I purchased some in tablet form and thought 'here goes - I've probably been conned again into buying something that will be a complete waste of money' but surprisingly it did work. post extra: day 22 after St Swithin's - a light shower early, followed by a very pleasant day. Quite sunny and warm and hot in the direct sun with a soft warm breeze.

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