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Bully off

There is an ancient primitive behavioural pattern that occurs within the animal kingdom that some people unfortunately display, almost wearing it like a badge. It is the abusive act of the bully. Found in all walks of life from the youngest of children to the oldest of people it is present in the playground, classroom, public transport, work place, in fact, anywhere there are people. As with any form of abuse it can have lasting damaging effects on the recipient. Whatever our background or beliefs - do we really think that any form of bullying is acceptable? And yet, are we superior to those who would bully? Do we prevent it? Do we intervene? Do we draw up laws to protect those who are unable to protect themselves? Do we claim to say no to abuse and yet turn a blind eye to those who suffer? If we do not offer solutions then we too are being bullied. Perhaps it's time that we all do a little more to make this beautiful planet a wonderful place for everyone to live. post extra: day 20 after St Swithin's - there has been patchy clouds with a warm breeze.

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