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Eaten any Tyrannosaurus Rex lately?

There has been a recent study made of protein taken from the fossil thigh bone of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that perished some 68 million years or so ago. The bone was found in 2003. It is now believed that chickens may probably be the direct descendants of this ferocious beast ... so if you eat chicken ... The same group of birds also includes ostrich - I can't say that I can see any resemblance though.


Julie said...

Mmm yummy TRex sandwich hahahah

Mo said...

I raised chickens for several years.
I totally get it.
Especially a brood-hen. Hear one hiss in a freaky lizardy-way, and you know they are direct descendants of dinosaurs.

Here via Entrecard.

eshohealth said...

Well done.Thank u for this info.

SheR. said...

Think I just ate one yesterday for lunch!! Yikes!!
That probably explains why the breast of chicken is always chewy! Hm.. Deep Fried T-rex Chickens with Chips anyone?