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In out - shake it all about

The last few days my cat has been like a young child. When she is in the house she wants to go outside and when she has gone outside she is knocking the door to come straight back in again! We have never had a cat flap and instead bought a large bell with a wooden paddle that slips onto the handle of the back door. It hangs down like a pendulum and when the cat wants to come inside she simply flicks her paw onto the bell which rings, at the same time the small wooden paddle knocks the door. It is very efficient and we can hear it from all over the house. The last few days, however, have been a keep-fit trial of going back and forth to the kitchen door letting the cat in and out and in and out ... perhaps there is going to be some kind of change in the weather - something that she can sense that we can't. Or perhaps she is trying to remind me that it will soon be her birthday. Who knows?

In one of her inside modes - she lay down by a door frame and started to flick her tail. She has never laid in this position before so I thought I would make a little animated gif of her lying there.

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My black and white cat as an animated gif.


Celene said...

We have a cat door, but my cat refuses to use it if we are withing "meowing distance". She mews loudly til we come and open the door for her! She goes through spells where so goes in and out alot too. God Bless, Celene

feefifoto said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. Your compliment made me blush. I enjoy visiting yours also.

MamaFlo said...

I'm reserving my opinion until they've been in use awhile longer. I can see the pro and con. I'd rather not have Big Brother breathing down my back but I also want to know (with all the weirdoes out there) that someone is looking out for the innocent (yeah right) citizens.

narissa said...

oh, i love cats. we have 4 adult cats and 5 baby cats in the house. but we will not be keeping the babies. by the time they weaned, they'll be out of the house.


I love cats and she certainly looks like she is something else.