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Wild primrose

Wild Primrose
The Latin name for this very fresh flower is Primula vulgaris and although they readily flower from February until May the little clump that I have in my garden is slightly later than the ones growing in the local lanes.

On a very special note .................. on Saturday 26th April there were four small leaf cutter bees buzzing around my little insect house. Will they come back and live in the house once more? I do hope so ... I was intregued by their behaviour last year, although I ended up with a very lacy garden where they had cropped the leaves. Unfortunately, we have had extremely heavy April downpours - certainly not the usual showers. So the big question - has the weather put paid to the young bees or will they return when the weather improves?


Mrs. Mecomber said...

Primrose was Queen Victoria's favorite flower.

LizzyT said...

We went to Cornwall at Easter and the primroses were out. They looked beautiful!