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Lavender oil

I have been a fan of lavender oil for many years as it is something that you can grab and has a use for almost anything. Yes, it's old fashioned .... but what an amazing possession it is. It has anti-viral (not many things help kill viruses), anti-bacterial, soothing and healing, relaxing .... the list seems endless. You can apply a small amount to minor burns, place a few drops into bath water, add it to vegetable oil and use as a massage. Place a few drops onto a linen square and hang in a wardrobe, cloakroom, etc to ward away the little clothes moth .... well I won't go on - you get the picture.

All I would like to know is what is happening to it? At one time you could purchase a small bottle at a reasonable price and it smelt like English lavender .... straight out of the garden. Now, you are dicing with the waft of a char lady as so many of the little bottles smell like furniture polish!!

*This is currently my favourite lavender oil.


MamaFlo said...

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Ellen said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love lavender oil. I have lavender body wash that I use in the evenings and I always sleep better. Also I have lavender mist for my pillows and that helps as well. Yeah lavender oil!!!

feefifoto said...

I love a few drops of lavender oil in in spray bottle of water for refreshing my hair.